In Hebrew the word “testimony” comes from a root of the word that means “do it again.” A testimony is told and conceives faith that God will do it again. The power of the testimony is that it breeds faith and allows God to move.

A testimony is just remembering what God has done for you. If you look in the Old Testament Moses was constantly reminding the people that it was God that led them out of Egypt. It was the testimony that carried them.

In our own lives we have events that happen that strengthen us in hard times. We also gain encouragement when God shows up and meets a need in others. When we see or hear about the power of God, faith grows inside of us to receive the same miracle.

I want to share my testimony

We, as The I Am Youth Movement, promise to safeguard and protect your personal information and your testimony when you want to stay anonymous. We will not use any of your information, unless you have not given us permission to do so.

Please share your struggles, your victories and your awesome stories with us and all the other teenagers out there. You never know, your story might help save someone's life, prevent someone from making the same ‘stupid’ decision you made or lead a lost soul to Jesus. 

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